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Are you thinking of Removing Your Pool?

Here are some common reasons. 

Lets face the fact that owning a swimming pool comes with a price: Maintenance.repairs,high electric or gas bills,high insurance premiums,and the constant worry of an accidental drowning,If you are feeling like many of our other customers,that their pool has out lived its purpose or that its hindering the sale of their home,You may not be aware that swimming pool removal is very common in fact also very inexpensive averaging between ($8,000.-$20,000.) we get several calls a week and hundreds of pools are removed and filled in yearly in the Vancouver area.If you would like to know more about reducing your liability and increasing the salability of you home please contact George Robson @ 
Off: 604-288-8478 or Cell: 604-613-1907 or email george@robsoncrushing.com we will help you to make an informed decision regarding your pool removal and fill in.

Is your pool turning off buyers?

If your home is listed on MLS and has a pool your missing 95% of the potential buys right of the bat! Removing an existing swimming pool will help you sell your home.  It definitely adds to the number potential buyers,(approximately 95 % more)  and can reduce the amount of time your home is for sale .  In this current buyers market, removing your pool can be a smart choice considering the fact that the cost of doing so could  be much less than what it will cost if your pool prevents your home from selling, or it keeps it on the market for an extended period of time. Before you put your home on the market, You might consider removing your pool. It could put thousands of dollars in your pocket.

Reducing liability and Costs:

Owning a home with a pool adds to your liability and to your insurance premiums ,Rental property with a swimming pool adds a level of liability many owner's find  unacceptable. The fact that fatal drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional injury-related death among children under the age of 15 , certainly gives property owners pause when considering renting property that has a swimming pool. From residences that are turned into rentals to apartment complexes, many of these property owners have discovered that removing a swimming pool not only lets them sleep at night, but also greatly reduces their costs. 

Structural failure:

Structural failure is one of the leading reason pools are removed.  Many pools  are 30, 40 even 50 years old. After years of being subjected to conditions like Earthquakes (West Coast) and freezing the pool shell fails. However Not all failures are a result of age. Premature failure can happen as a result of sloppy workmanship or the use of sub-standard materials. Either way the results are the same; the pool no longer holds water.

Pools that outlive their purpose:

Many home owners had their swimming pool built when their families were young. Over  time and circumstances their pools stopped being used. Even after this, most owners continue for years to pay for maintenance and repairs. This constant out-put of money, and the ever present  worry about accidental drowning, coupled with the the fact that the pool isn't used, brings many pool owners to the same conclusion...The swimming pool must go!


At "Robson Crushing&Demolition" We only use material of the highest quality. All of our material is purchased from gravel pits and is specially tailored to suit your pool fill-in needs. Clean fill and other material used by other contractors may contain contamination and unwanted debris. The owners can be held liable in the future if they are found to have contaminated soil in their yard. That is why it is of the upmost importance to have material that is purchased from gravel pits and can be guaranteed to be contaminate free. We DO NOT use free fill ; All the materials we use are guaranteed ,and have been designed to give the best compaction and stable back fill for many years to come.This is how we can warranty our work.

Our Service for in ground pools is a complete package including:

Free telephone discussion
Free inspection and evaluation - if required
Free planning and estimating
Free written quote and explanation
Detailed contract with fixed prices - Fixed starting date

Notification to city to town
Permits and applications completed and submitted
Fences and shrubs removed and either replaced or disposed of
Utilities disconnected
Pool pumped out

Removal from site of all pool equipment: metal, wood and plastic
All concrete broken to small pieces and placed in pool hole if allowed, or hauled away if required.
Inspection by local building department
If Required
Pool hole filled with contaminate free material 
(No waste or soil from commercial sites)

Area compacted and rough graded
Graded to proper elevation
Sub soil raked again
Screened top soil applied

Graded and raked again
Seed and or sod  applied
All disturbed areas repaired with topsoil
Work guaranteed 

Our service for removal of above ground pools is much simpler:
We evaluate your job over the telephone
Site inspection if required
Free written quote with fixed work date
Pool pumped out
Removal of pool, deck and equipment
Filling of concave hole under pool, if required
Removal of sand under pool if required
Application of topsoil if required
Loosening of soil, seeding and application of sod

  • One of our owners will meet with you to discuss and plan the removal of your pool.
  • All work done in compliance with city bylaws and regulations

Customer Testimonials:

Claire & Doug Smythe, Richmond B.C.
Robert Rosenstock, Richmond B.C.

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